"I will not make me responsable for something i'm not responsable to."


Zethunia is very simple and spontanous. She's not easily amused.

  • Interests: Money,
  • Likes: Respect, Metal.
  • Dislikes: Everything but the above.


Zethunia is very good with weapons. She mostly uses a sword but she's also very good with bow and arrow, she just doesn't always carry a bow. She can also manipulate sound waves with her ocarina.


Zethunia is a darkskinned girl with brown hair and orange streaks trough it. She wears a orange top with a purple bolero. She also wears a necklace with an ocarina on it. She wears very short shorts and carries a big sword.


  • Zethunia stands for "Sethunya" which means "Flower" or "Bloom" in african.

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