"Let's make history!"


Yuki is a second season character. Yuki Yukirizaki is the younger sister of Hina. She also likes cute things and wears clothes that are like the design of Hina's. Her family is the royal family of Petal's neighbouring country. Yuki wants to become the queen, even tough Hina is the oldest. (She also might be a bit in love with Metal)

  • Interests: Baseball.
  • Likes: Cute things, pink.
  • Dislikes: People who disobey.


She usually fights with a baseball bat.


Yuki has got black hair in a short ponytail. She wears a little pink star in her hair. She also wears a shirt like Hina, but in white and with fishnets under it, a black tie and a pink with black schoolskirt, with black sneakers and black socks. She sometimes changes her style. She is also seen in a black pants and a blue top, she also sometimes wears a gothic-lolita-dress.


  • Yukurizaki and Gold are the only last names known in Petals so far.

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