"As long as hammers excist!"


Petal is the twinsister of Metal. She's pretty bossy but also very kind, which makes her unpredictable. She's grumpy most of the time, but it's also consumed that she just

likes to make a angry face.

  • Interests: Magic.
  • Likes: Metal, the color green, hammers.
  • Dislikes: Depressing people.


Petal has got alot different powers. But she nevers uses much. She mostly uses her hammer, and her ability to change material. With those two combined she uses different types of hammer.

  1. The normal hammer. (An iron head and a wooden stick)
  2. The metal hammer. (Totally made of metal with spikes in the end. The same as the hammer Metal's.)
  3. the fire hammer. (A burning head with a metal stick)
  4. The water hammer. (The normal hammer which summons liquid everytime she smashes)
  5. The petal hammer. (Made of leaves and petals. Just for fun.)
  6. The wooden hammer. (Totally made of wood. You never know?)
  7. Mini hammer. (Can be combined with every type. It just makes the hammer smaller and pocketsize.)


Petal and Metal's appearance is much alike. Petal has got wild, short green hair and brown eyes. She always wears a blue crown on her head and an eyepatch which covers her right eye. She wears a white top with light grey stripes on it, over her top she wears a green tie. She also wears a short black skirt, black and white sneakers and white socks with green stripes in the end. Sometimes she also wears a green bracelet. Later on she's seen with a brandmark on her right arm, it looks like a "B" which stands for Brandon. She also wears green gloves in combat.


  • Even tough she's Metal's younger sister, she acts likes she's older. "What does two minutes difference mean? Hurr"
  • She's actually based on what the writer's "Habbo" looked like. This also counts for Dark Petal.

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