Metal is the twinbrother of Petal, their personality is much alike, but Metal is more serious and less bossy.

  • Interests: Money
  • Likes: Hammers, the color green, metal, hardcore.
  • Dislikes: Weird people.


Metal uses a giant hammer totally made of metal and spikes. He also often uses a sword.

So what's the special ability? The ability to carry it all along!


Metal's and Petal's appearance are also alike. Metal has got short green hair (shorter than Petal) and also brown eyes. He also wears a blue crown and a eyepatch which covers his left eye, instead of right eye. He wears a white t-shirt and a green tie. Black shorts and Sneakers, and white socks with one big green stripe in the end, instead of two small stripes. He's also wearing green gloves in combat.


  • Prince Metal is mostly based on a character a friend of the writer made, this also counts for Dark Metal.

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