Pantera Gold is a shy and smart girl, created by a friend of the writer. sometimes pretty stubborn. She always carries important gadgets.

  • Interests: Human emotions and human power.
  • Likes: Reading, writing, protecting.
  • Dislikes: Crowded places, bread, hearts, compliments.


With her magical red stone she can transform into a magical girl with a powerfull weapon. (The kind of weapon is still unknown)


Pantera mostly wears purple, her hair is also light purple/grey and her eyes are purple. She's got a a necklace with a magical red stone. She wears her hair in a pigtail,

mostly tied with a white ribbon or to red stones like the one on her necklace.


  • Pantera Gold and Hina Yukirizaki are the only characters so far with a second name.

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