Hina Yukirizaki is a character made by a friend of the writer. She can be very hyper sometimes just like almost every friend of Petal. Especially when she sees "cute things"

Her family is the royal family of the neighbouring country of Petal, she is the oldest but doesn't want to become the queen.

  • Interests: Cooking
  • Likes: Cute things, Fightingsports
  • Dislikes: Long boring stories, lifeless things, burnt food.


She's very good with swords and she also can make almost everything with wood.


Hina has got blue hair with black in the end. One part of her hair coveres her right eye. She wears a yellow shirt with one shoulder open and one shoulder covered. She wears a dark-aquamarine skirt and normal brown shoes with black socks.


  • Hina Yukirizaki and Pantera Gold are until now the only characters in "Petals" with a second name.

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