"If that day will come, i will be there and stand on your side."


Dark Metal is created out of the past of Princess Petal and Prince Metal. The past Petal casted a curse which created Dark Petal, when Petal casted the curse Prince Metal said he would stand by her side, which created Dark Metal.


He can summon fire and shadows. Just like Dark Petal.


Dark Metals appearance is the same as Metal's past self. But instead of green he wears black and he's got red eyes. He wears a black cap and he's got brown hair. He wears a white t-shirt and a black tie, black shorts and black and white sneakers with white socks.


  • Dark Metal is based on a character a friend of the writer made. This also counts for Prince Metal itself.
  • The reason why Dark Metal has got brown hair is because Metal actually had brown hair. He only died it green.

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